The KnowledgePool Members provide vast expertise, deliver results and are cost effective. You can rely on us to provide you answers and solutions whether it be for:

KnowledgePool allows you to purchase the services you need when you need them, you select the KnowledgePool members you would like to use and you rate the members on how well they serve your needs.

You purchase blocks of 40 hours that can be used over a period of 3 months and use these credits to pay for the KnowledgePool members you engage, purchase Case Studies, Templates, and Toolsets.

The Case Studies are a valuable resource providing practical solutions and an in depth lessons learned section, help you avoid costly mis-steps.

You can hire the members as employees any time you wish, there is no commitment or obligation to pay KnowledgePool to buy out the Members, we hope that you will utilize our services often to source your staffing needs.

KnowledgePool Collective Intelligence provides you the cost effective resources and balanced cashflow to allow companies to take advantage of opportunities as and when they come knocking.

To access knowledgepool consultant profiles please Contact Us.

* Case Studies are copyrighted, and may not be duplicated in whole or part without the written consent of the named author and KnowledgePool collective Intelligence Inc.

**some of the toolsets and templates are provided on a licence basis. Ensuring you that the templates and toolsets are kept up to date.

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